Need an empowering, engaging speaker who will inspire your female audience to live a Louder life? If yes, you’ve come to the right place!

Jill is a bestselling author, speaker, and mindset mentor who will light up your audience, uplifting them so they are ready to conquer the world. At the core of Jill’s message is this truth: Women are here to change the world.

Through her signature talk, “The Ways of a Loud Woman,” Jill explores how traditional manners have kept women small and quiet. She “rips up the memo” about outdated manners and writes a new one – one that serves every woman in all facets of her life, whether in her home, workplace, or community.

Jill’s speaking style is warm and approachable, witty and humorous, inspirational and empowering. She loves to interact with the audience, answering their questions with love-filled truth bombs that will motivate them to take up more space in the world. Whether you need a keynote speaker or someone to speak at a more intimate event, Jill will transform your audience into the Loud Women they are.

Praise for “The Ways of a Loud Woman” presentation

What I especially loved about the presentation is how Jill highlighted behaviors we as women don’t even realize are disrespectful. We’ve learned to tolerate so much; we’ve accepted playing small; we’ve remained quiet when it’s critically important to speak up. Those who hear Jill’s outstanding, inclusive presentation learn words and phrases that will help us confidently stand our ground as Loud Women. I’m “in!”

Deborah Kevin

founder, Highlander Press

“Ladies, It’s time to get louder!” Wow, what an incredibly passionate presentation by Jill Celeste. In this beautifully illustrated story format, Jill shares a very personal experience that leads to five spiritedly defined Ways of a Loud Woman. Having been raised with “good girl manners,” it was easy for me to relate to the message Jill delivered. Now I realize it’s time to be loud for myself and… I’m not sorry.

Laura Templeton

ceo, 30 Second Success

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