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You’ve hung out your shingle “open for business,” but hear crickets. Where are your clients?

That First Client cover

You’re an intelligent, confident woman—running a business shouldn’t be so difficult! Doubts creep in, and you begin to wonder, “Did I make a mistake?”

No! You didn’t. You need a practical and easily implemented marketing strategy—and someone to guide you, to cheer you on, to stop you from quitting.

That’s where That First Client comes in. In this book, Jill Celeste will teach you how to identify your ideal client, contact sales prospects, ask for referrals, create a follow-up process, and use networking, speaking, and social media to attract clients. And all without overwhelm!

Filled with practical exercises and tried-and-true marketing methods, That First Client is the answer to your question: How do I get that first client? With this book in hand, you’re about to find out.

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In That First Client, Jill Celeste cuts through all the marketing hype and gets to the heart of what it takes to land your first client. But this book isn’t just for business newbies – Jill’s fantastic actionable advice works equally well for the business owner who has been at it for a few years but is ready to up her game and get more clients. It’s a book I’ll be referring to repeatedly as I build my own business.

Cheri Andrews

small business attorney, Cheri Andrews LLC

If you are just beginning your self-employment journey, this is the book to read, and even if you have been at it for a while, you should still read this book. Jill makes it so simple and achievable. I know from personal experience that if you follow Jill’s script for how to grow and market your business, positive changes will happen. You will be much clearer and better equipped to move your business forward.

Christin Bjergbakke

spiritual coach, The Usher Channeler

In That First Client, Jill has provided a solid foundation for not only creating a clear picture of who your ideal client is but how to attract that client in an authentic, heartfelt way. It is an amazing resource with all the essentials for any entrepreneur, whether you are just starting out, or refining and shifting your marketing systems. What I love most about this version of That First Client are the supportive and reflective questions throughout that help me to personalize my own marketing systems so that it feels natural and genuine.

Felicia D’Haiti

feng shui and soul coach practitioner/ trainer, Soul Transformations Feng Shui and Coaching

I have worked with hundreds of clients for more than a decade, and I still found great value in That First Client! Jill’s honest, concise, and loving guidance leads business owners through the vital basics of marketing. It’s so important to return to, and refine, these skills at every stage of business. This book is a must for all female entrepreneurs.

Nicole Meltzer

founder, Balanced U Academy

That first client is not as elusive as you think.

Jill Celeste

Every day, you must market your business.

Jill Celeste

You have gifts to share with the world! We need you to be open for business.

Jill Celeste

About Jill

I believe female entrepreneurs are here to change the world by embracing their Divine Gifts and sharing these Gifts with the people who need them. I see it as my job to teach you how to talk authentically about your Gifts, which will attract your ideal clients to you.

Hand in hand, I believe you need the right success mindset to accomplish your goals. I can teach the best marketing and business growth strategies, but if you’re not confident and bold enough to implement them, they won’t work for you.

Finally, as a spiritual person, I believe our marketing should reflect our souls. In addition to teaching authentic marketing principles, I also focus on weaving spiritual practices, such as the Law of Attraction, into your marketing. When you’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur, this can make all the difference in how you feel about marketing!

Other interesting things about me:

  • I am obsessed with flamingos. They are my spirit animals.
  • I use butterflies in my marketing in memory of my dad.
  • It’s my dream to own an animal sanctuary.
  • I have a fantastic sense of humor and a hearty, loud laugh.
  • I love to read. I have more books than time.
  • I believe in the Law of Attraction, Archangel Gabriel, God, The Universe, peace, joy, and love. I am a snowflake and tree hugger.
  • I believe in you, even when you don’t.
  • I believe we should all be amazingly compensated for our Divine Gifts. Money is energy!
  • I love you. Even though we may not have met, I am beaming love to you right now. That’s how I roll.

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Loud Woman

Coming Fall 2021

Loud Woman

Together, Loud Woman, we must leave our comfort zones of good-girl manners, perfection, and fear.

It’s time to embrace this truth: You deserve to live a fulfilled life…

Not one prescribed by society but one beautifully designed by you…

Loud Woman, look around. All across the globe, people are depressed, or poor, or unfulfilled. Our planet bears the weight of our collective selfishness. Many leaders are corrupt, and we are plagued with a mindset that there’s not enough of everything to go around.

Now look at you. You probably are not living your Loudest life. Burdened by societal expectations for women to be small and Quiet, you have been taught to put your needs last, to always show good manners, and to see other women as competition instead of allies.

That’s how Jill was too—overly accommodating, giving, polite, and selfless. But as she watched Dr. Christine Blasey Ford bravely tell her story and testify about Brett Kavanaugh’s attempted rape, Jill thought, this is what a Loud Woman looks like. Speaking up and telling the truth—and doing so without apology or explanation. Inspired by Dr. Ford’s act of honest courage, Jill realized, right then and there, that it was time for her to get Louder too. 

Loud Woman is part memoir, part self-help, all manifesto, confession, and plea. It’s Jill’s love letter to you, Loud Woman, so you can be inspired by her journey and embark on your own. Inside these pages you will find a guidebook on how to live a Louder life—from how to push through your fears to trusting yourself more. It’s Jill’s hope that, after reading Loud Woman, you too will look in the mirror and proclaim, “This is what a Loud Woman looks like.”